Amity University is among the most well-known private universities in Noida. Anyone can enroll in higher education while still fulfilling their other duties thanks to the institution's establishment of Asia's leading distance learning platform. Amity University Distance Education has received recognition from the Ministry of HRD, the Distance Education Council, the National Council of Teachers Association, as well as other statutory government organizations. The Amity University of Noida was named as one of the universities offering social work-related courses in "The Tribune," and the university is well known for cultivating social work.

The institution has received praise from the (UGC) for providing both traditional and distance learning students with top-notch instruction. In order to address the evolving needs of the sector, knowledgeable and experienced professors also develop the curriculum for distant learners.

Amity University Distance Education is a well-established university known for its top-quality education and offerings available in various UG and PG Programs for the candidates to choose from. The candidates at the university are regarded to be the best batch as they get to experience various benefits and advantages they get. The candidates have the liberty to choose from a wide range of courses and electives in several fields of education. It is believed that the courses offered at the university are accepted worldwide as it has recognition from various National Ranking Councils in India. 

Through distance learning, Amity University offers a wide range of programs in subjects like management, information technology, business, the arts, and language. Students who have already been recruited by a company but still want to advance their skills are encouraged to enroll in Amity's distance learning program.

Why Choose Amity University Distance Education? 

  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognized Amity University for its superior academic standing, and the Distant Education Bureau has approved its distance education directorate (DEB).
  • The UGC is a statutory body of the Indian government that is responsible for coordinating, guiding, and upholding the standards of higher education in India, according to the UGC Act of 1956.
  • Amity University has also received recognition from numerous official organizations, including the Ministry of Finance, the Distance Education Council, the Bar Education Council, and DISR (Ministry of Science Technology, NCTE, etc.).
  • For the benefit of distance learners, the institution offers resources including a physical and virtual library, computer and IT labs, a virtual job fair, etc.

Amity University Distance Education Admission 

Students at the university can register for a wide range of Amity University distance education courses. To complete the admissions process, follow the specified steps: -

Step 1: Visit the official Amity University website to start your open and distance learning process.

Step 2: Register by providing the required information on the application form.

Step 3: Pay the academic cost for the course you've chosen using a digital payment method for example if you are about to choose Amity University Distance MBA Admission then go to the MBA tab.

Step 4: Upload to the portal all the paperwork needed for the verification process. documentation from your previous schooling, like your grade report or diploma, passport-size pictures, and Others

Step 5: The institution will then send pupils an email with a confirmation and their registration number.

Amity University Distance Education Eligibility Criteria 

Every university has some specific criteria to get selected for a course the university provides. The candidates have to make sure to fulfill the selection criteria to be eligible to get into the course program easily and conveniently. 

The institution effectively has different admissions and qualification standards for its distance education courses. We have now covered the basic categories of candidates for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate diploma programs. Candidates are strongly advised to make sure they meet the prerequisite requirements for a course or program before enrolling or submitting a form.

Candidates Undergraduates

  • The candidate must possess a competent command of the English language and hold a 10+2 diploma from a respectable board, or its equivalent.

Candidates with postgraduate degrees 

  • Must possess the required English language proficiency, a BBA, BBS, or postgraduate management degree, as well as have completed their undergraduate studies with at least 40% of the required grades.

Amity University Distance MBA 

  • One of the best Distance MBA programs given by an Indian university in India is Amity University Distance MBA.
  • Distance learning is becoming more popular among young people who want to enroll in specialized courses and want the convenience of studying whenever they want.
  • One program that all students particularly like is the MBA.
  • One of the best colleges in India for Distance MBA programs is Amity.
  • There are 14 different MBA specialties offered through Amity distance learning. This course covers all significant management topics, such as managerial responsibility, employee behavior, comprehension of IT and quantitative methods, accounting, the legal elements of management, and the necessity of research in light of current trends.
  • The Amity University Distance MBA Fee is Rs. 3,50,00, payable over 4 installments. The cost of the distance MBA is Rs. 3,00,000 for a single full payment.

Amity University Distance BBA 

Again An internationally renowned university with a BBA program in Distance education is Amity University. One of the well-known programs among applicants is Amity University Distance BBA.

The University provides a three-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) distance program at the Undergraduate level. Six semesters make up the program's length. India's first distance MBA program to receive UGC recognition is offered by Amity University Online. In addition to the overall program, the university also provides a BBA in one specialty. Applicants are chosen based on their HSC results. Students can also take semester breaks and take exams from any location thanks to Amity Online.

Amity University Distance Education Placements 

Amity University distance education assists its candidates with Online job fairs to help them get hired by the top MNCs in India. On this site, renowned recruiters conduct video chat interviews with Amity alumni and students.

Thanks to the university, students who are enrolled in distance learning can now take part in this online job fair from anywhere. Additionally, Amity University Distance Education graduates are given the opportunity to work on campus.

Amity University Distance Education Student Facility 

Both local and online libraries

A well-stocked library with a large selection of consistently updated periodicals, books, journals, magazines, and other publications is available on the Amity Campus. The best selection of virtual e-books and manuals that provide reading materials and resources are also freely accessible to students. Both students and teachers will benefit from using these sites' tools.

IT/computer labs

Students must spend a large amount of time in labs for every kind of work project. All of our distance learning students have seven days a week of access to a conveniently located computer lab at the Amity Campus for learning, studying, and submitting assignments.

Message boards

Students are invited to register on discussion boards as part of Amity's distance learning programs so they can collaborate with their peers on tasks and projects. Additionally, users can use the website to speak with academics directly to get any questions they may have answered regarding a certain subject.

Visitor Lectures

The professional growth of students at the Amity Campus is significantly influenced by visiting speakers. By chatting with corporate executives, they can find out how to use their subject-matter expertise in this situation. These dialogues also result in the development of the right mindset and social skills.

LMS for education

All of our programs are designed with students and working professionals in mind, providing them with a seamless, mobile learning environment. Through webinars, live sessions, study materials, recorded movies, and one-on-one virtual meetings, this provides instruction from more than 6000 illustrious corporate experts and academic members.

Online Job Fair

With Amity, you might land the job of your dreams. Amity alumni can connect with top recruiters to virtually take part in a live video chat interview for job openings through the Virtual Job Fair, an all-in-one distance employment platform. Amity is the only university of its sort to provide its graduates with this option at a time when many distance learning institutions only offer programs to their students.

The Amity Humanity Foundation was established by Amity to aid those in need. You can obtain the relevant information from this website if you want to enroll in a university program of study. You can register for any distance learning course at a university using the information on this website.


Amity University Distance Education, which has endorsements from various official governmental organizations, is Asia's top virtual or Distance learning institution. The school places a strong emphasis on social service or philanthropy in addition to offering vocational training or courses for better employment.